i wish i was one of those cool kids that has writing on their car

from their super awesome friends…but instead I’m the lameo with clean windows…


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I wish,

that I had long eyelashes

that I had green eyes

that I had a flat stomach

that my hips were’nt so huge

that I had smaller thighs

that I had hair that was just breathtaking

that I had tan skin

that I didn’t have weird knees

that I had one of those gorgeous faces

that I was photogenic

that I had a pretty smile

I wish I looked completely different.

Fuck you self-esteem, youre ruining my happiness.

Why in the world am I feeling like this…it makes no sense. So instead of explaining to anyone (which I can’t do anyways)  Ill just sit here and pretend to be super happy about everything. Fml.

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